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  • 50kW or 80kW in same package
  • 64 slice with 0.5s rotation covering all clinical needs
  • Integrated deflection or cut off grid for dose control and improved image quality
  • Integrated fully programmable starter
  • Optional Anode End Grounded version
  • Compatible with all industry standard XRAY tubes

*Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult the English PDF version of this datasheet for the most up-to-date revision.

Performance X-Ray Generators for Rotating CT Scanner Applications

Spellman High Voltage has been designing, manufacturing and providing CT generators for OEM customers for over three decades. We have unrivaled experience being the first provider of a CT generator used in a commercially available continuous rotating CT scanner in 1985. Since then Spellman has enhanced performance and developed new CT generators year after year, setting the standard for CT generator technology.

Spellman High Voltage has manufactured over 30,000 CT generators. We have the knowledge, capability and experience to provide you with the CT generator technology you need.


(Ref. 128125-001 REV. B)

Model 32/42/50kW Compact CT Generator 50/80kW CT Generator 110 kW CT Generator
Model Designation CCT70PN32 CCT70PN42 CCT70PN50 CT70PN50 CT70PN80 CT140N110
Input Power 400Vac, 3Ø, +15%/-20%, 50/60Hz
Auxiliary Input Power 220/230Vac, 1Ø
+15%/-10%, 50/60Hz
220/230Vac, 1Ø
+15%/-10%, 50/60Hz
Not Required
kV Output Range 60kV - 140kV
(bipolar, 30kV – 70kV)
60kV - 140kV
(bipolar, 30kV – 70kV)
60kV - 140kV
Anode grounded
kV Output Accuracy   ±0.5% of setting  
mA Output Range 10mA – 350mA,
42kW maximum
10mA – 420mA / 50kW maximum
10mA – 667mA / 80kW maximum
6mA to 900mA,
110kW maximum
mA Regulation/Accuracy

2% or 2mA or which is
er for 20mA -350mA

2% or 1mA or which is
larger for 20mA -420mA
2% or 1mA or which is
larger for 20mA -900mA
Filament Output 2 outputs: 15Vac @ 0-6A
up to 8A available
1 output: 15Vac @ 0-6A,
up to 15A available
1 output: 10Vac @ 0-8A,
Filament Accuracy ±5% of setting ±5% of setting ±2% from 25% to 75%, 5% above
Filament Repeatability   ±0.2%  
Starter   HSS configured to match
X-Ray tube used
Interface   Custom serial interface  
Rotation Up to 120 rpm Up to 120 rpm Up to 240 rpm
Configuration Single Chassis Two chassis Four chassis
Grid Option n/a Dual grid/single filament, 0-4kV @ 0-4kHz n/a
Magnetic Z
Deflection Option
n/a Ground based single channel beam steering n/a

Please consult factory regarding product configuration availability and regulatory requirements for specific markets

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