DF/FF 系列 3-4kW 工业X射线发生器 (Featured)

DF/FF 系列

  • 通用 XRD 和 XRF X 射线管的理想选择
  • 专为通用 XRD 和 XRF X 射线管设计
  • 外形紧凑,5 1/4” (3U) 高机箱
  • 固态封装,确保免维护运行 
  • HV 发射电流自动斜升为预设值
  • 支持 OEM 定制

*注意:所有规格如有变更,恕不另行通知。有关最新修订,请参阅本数据表的英文 PDF 版本

两年延保标志, CE 标识

DF/FF 系列 3-4kW 工业 X 射线发生器 | Spellman 高压电源

斯派曼DF/FF 系列X 射线发生器采用新的逆变器设计,这包含了将IGBT 用于电源开关,并提供了可靠的新等级。此外DF/FF 内置灯丝电源的重新设计,通过在更高频率下运行,从而消除了在正常运行等级下的音频噪声。DF/FF 运用一个正弦波电流源,通过相移串联谐振电路在开关频率大于20kHz 来产生高压直流。这种技术消除了通常与开关和电源控制调节有关系的不良的电磁辐射。此系列电源的高效率,允许在5 1/4” (3U) 高的机箱内进行空气冷却。


  • X 射线衍射(XRD)
  • X 射线荧光(XRF)


(Ref. 128001-001 REV. R)

Input Voltage:

220Vac ±10%, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase (three phase optional).

Input Current:

3kW: 220Vac @ 29.5A, single phase
208Vac @ 12.8A/phase, three phase

4kW: 220Vac @ 39.3A, single phase
208Vac @ 17.0A/phase, three phase

Output Voltage:

DF3: 0 to 60kV negative polarity.

FF3: 0 to 60kV positive polarity.

Other output voltages are available.

Output Current:

DF3: 0 to 80mA.

FF3: 0 to 100mA. Other output currents are available.

Maximum Output Power: 

3kW (4kW optional).

Output Voltage Regulation:

Load: 0.005% of rated output for full load change.

Line: 0.005% of rated output over specified input range.

Temperature Coefficient: 50 ppm/°C (20 ppm/°C optional).

Long Term Stability: 0.01%/8 hours.

Emission Current Regulation:

Load: 0.01% of rated output for a 10 to 60kV change.

Line: 0.005% of rated output over specified inputs.

Temperature Coefficient: 50 ppm/°C

Long Term Stability: 0.01%/8 hours.


0.03% rms <1kHz, 0.75% rms above 1kHz. 


Temperature Range:

Operating: 0°C to 40°C

Storage: -20°C to 85°C


10% to 90%, non-condensing.

Filament Voltage:

DF: 12Vac

FF: 12Vdc

Filament Current:

5A (up to 12A max available).


51/4”(3U) H x 19“ W x 22” D (13.3cm x 48.3cm x 55.9cm).


90 lbs (40kg).

Regulatory Approvals:

Compliant to EEC EMC Directive. Compliant to EEC Low Voltage Directive.


Water Flow Switch:

A 24Vdc signal is available on the rear panel to turn on the cooling water to the X-ray tube. This signal can be enabled either when control power is on or when the high voltage is turned on. (Customer must specify).

Fail Safe Interlock:

A 24Vdc signal is available on the rear panel to energize an external X-ray on lamp. This signal is energized when the high voltage is turned on. High voltage will not enable if this circuit is open. (A 220Vac signal is optional).

Preheat and Ramp:

Automatic preheat and ramp control circuits are provided which ramp the kV and mA slowly to set levels. kV ramps in approximately 10 seconds while mA ramps in approximately 20 seconds.

Output Connector:

75kV, 3 conductor Federal Standard X-ray connector. -60kV is connected to terminal “C”. Terminals “S” and “L” are jumped together. The filament output is connected between terminals “C” and “S”. Other configurations are optional. (On the FF3, all output connections S, L, & C are connected together).

Remote Signal Connector:

Remote interface is available via a 50 pin mini D connector. Extensive remote programming and monitoring is provided. 


RS232 - RS232 Interface  
220FSI - 220Vac Fail Safe Interlock  
208-3P - 208Vac Three Phase Input

Electronic Component (Power Source)

DF/FF series is intended for installation as a component of a system. It is designed to meet CE standards, with conditions of acceptance often being: customer provided enclosure mounting, EMC filtering, and appropriate protection, and isolation devices. The DF/FF series is not intended to be operated by end users as a stand-alone device. The DF/FF series power supply can only be fully assessed when installed within a system, and as a component part within that system.


Pin Signal
1 +5Vdc (or connect to pin-11)
2 Control Power On
3 Intlk
4 X-Ray On
5 X-Ray Off
6 Spare
7 Spare
8 Reset
9 Rmt/Lcl
10 24V Switched
11 +5Vcch
12 X-ray On Status
13 Overvoltage
14 kV Min
15 Overpower
16 Filament Current Limit
17 mA Current Limit
18 LCL Status
19 Power Supply Fault
20 Gnd
21 Spare
22 (DF) Remote X-ray On
23 (DF) Remote X-ray On Ret
24 Spare
25 Gnd
26 kV Ref
27 kV Com
28 mA Ref
29 mA Com
30 Spare
31 Spare
32 Spare
33 Pwr. Limit (OL Ref)
34 Pwr. Limit Com (OL Com)
35 Filament Current Limit
36 Filament Current Limit Com
37 Spare
38 kV Monitor
39 mA Monitor
40 Spare
41 Spare
42 kV Ref Mon
43 mA Ref Mon
44 Spare
45 Spare
46 Filament Monitor
47 Mon Common
48 Spare
49 Gnd
50 Spare