• 耐用的铝机构
  • 快速安装
  • 允许管头3 轴定位
  • 为了最佳的图像质量提供刚性支撑

Tubehead Stand

斯派曼LPX 系列可以完美适用于目前苛刻的NDT 检验需求。LPX 电源是坚固的、易于运输,可选的LPX1620 管头支架可以快速地安装并为最佳的图像质量提供刚性支撑。管头支架包含伸缩支腿、手轮驱动的可变高度调整并可锁定手轮控制管头倾斜度和水平旋转。为了安全的安装和减振,管头托架是加衬垫的。包括一个气泡式指示器,快速并简便地调平管头。

LPX1620 Tubehead Stand For Industrial NDT (Image 3)

The LPX1620 Tubehead Stand is compatable with all LPX160, LPX200 and LPX300 tubehead assemblies


(128098-001 REV. B)

Horizontal Rotation:



 -45° to +90°


Footprint of legs: 43˝ (109cm) min., 70.5˝ (179cm) max.

Floor to center line of tubehead ring: 45.5˝ (115cm) min., 83.5˝ (212cm) max.


35lbs. (16kg)


  1. Extend tripod legs outward
  2. Loosen height lock knob and raise gearhead mount approx. 3 inches
  3. Place gearhead on tripod shaft. Align set screw hole in shaft with hole in gearhead mount. Using supplied hex key, tighten set screw to engage gear head mount.
  4. Mount tubehead in cradle. Open knurled latch and outer ring to remove cradle assembly. Release the two hook latches on the cradle to open it. Fit cradle over tubehead making sure any cooling manifolds are positioned between cushioning pads. Latch the hook latches securely.
  5. Mount cradle in the gear head outer ring. Close and latch the knurled knob locking mechanism.
  6. Use the height, tilt, and rotation controls to position the X-Ray tubehead as needed. Lock all adjustments before making X-Ray exposures.


Part Number Description
3-000-0754 Tubehead stand for LPX160 and LPX200
3-000-0756 Tubehead stand for LPX300


DIMENSIONS: in. [cm]

LPX1620 Tubehead Stand For Industrial NDT (Image 2)

LPX1620 Tubehead Stand For Industrial NDT (Image 4)

 LPX1620 Tubehead Stand For Industrial NDT (Image 5)