Factory Service

Factory Service Procedures

For an authorization to ship, contact Spellman's Customer Service Department. Please state the model and serial numbers which are on the plate on the rear panel of the power supply and the reason for return. A Return Material Authorization Code Number (RMA number) is needed from Spellman for all returns. The RMA number should be marked clearly on the outside of the shipping container. Packages received without an RMA Number may delay return of the product. The buyer shall pay shipping costs to and from Spellman. For out-of-warranty repairs, the Standard Cost will be given by Customer Service. A purchase order for this amount is requested upon issuance of the RMA Number. A more detailed estimate may be made when the power supply is received at Spellman. If initial investigation indicates that the cost of completing the repair will exceed the Standard Cost for that unit, Spellman will contact the customer to authorize the repair. If Spellman evaluates a unit and either finds that no defect is found, or if the unit is uneconomical to repair, Spellman will charge a bench evaluation fee.

Factory Service Warranty

Spellman will warrant for three (3) months or balance of product warranty, whichever is longer, the repaired assembly/part/unit. If the same problem shall occur within this warranty period Spellman shall undertake all the work to rectify the problem with no charge and/or cost to the buyer.