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 Spellman Catalog

The Spellman Expanded High Voltage Power Supply Catalog features some recent additions: an integrated X-ray generator system, bi-polar E-chuck, and 160kV NDT and 360kV ion implantation units.

: : English (PDF 10 MB)


Product Finder Help
Spellman's Product Finder was designed to assist you in quickly finding the most precise match from our vast product library for your specific high voltage requirements. There are two search levels, the Simple W/kV parametric, and the Product/Application Overview Matrix.

Parametric Search
For the parametric search, start by clicking on the drop-down tabs located on the Product Finder Bar to search by any combination of power level (W) and high voltage output (kV). You can select: a) W first, then kV; b) kV first, then W; c) W alone; d) kV alone.

In the case of (a) or (b), whichever parameter you select first, the other parameter will automatically restrict itself to the only appropriately available choices. After you set your parameters, select Go, and you will get a confirmation of your choices with a listing of all available product matches. In the case of (c) and (d) the result will be a listing of every model that meets either the W parameter or the kV parameter, listed in Ascending order by that unit. Each listing (in some case there may only be one) will provide a photo, and a quick synopsis of the products' primary features.

You may either return to do a new search, or download the .PDF datasheet with the full specification, or immediately "Request a Quotation" for the product selected. You can browse our products as many times as you like, or continue to browse other pages on our site (for your convenience, the Product Finder Bar will remain constantly available on all pages).

Custom Product/Application Matrix
If you do not immediately find a product that is a precise match to your requirements from among our many "standard" product offerings, you may also use the Custom Product/Application Matrix, which provides a comprehensive overview of our complete product range, including many of our custom products, or special use application oriented products. The matrix is organized into five categories: Rack, Module, X-Ray Supplies, Custom/Application, and Accessories. Each tab provides the Power/Voltage coordinates for the range of products shown on that tab. By clicking on any of the red dots located in a product column, you can view a quick synopsis of the product selected. The choices for adding to the wish list, viewing the full datasheet, etc. are the same as described above. For your convenience, model names are repeated at the bottom of each screen for ease of selection when scrolling.

Request For Quotation Form
Finally, if you still do not find a product that matches your requirements after conducting the parametric search or by browsing the complete Product/Application matrix, you may use our RFQ form to specify your requirements in detail and submit this to our Sales Department for evaluation. With thousands of custom designs in our library (far too many to include on this website!) it is likely we have something previously designed that may meet your needs. If you have an OEM requirement (i.e., entails production volumes), please use the RFQ form to provide the basics of your specification; we design to original specification and will be more than pleased to provide you with prompt and detailed feedback on how we can be your sole source high voltage provider.

If you have questions, comments, or need further assistance beyond what has been described herein, please use the Contact Us form to send us a note, or call us. We are here to help.

Thank you for considering Spellman High Voltage.

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